July 19th brings the effective end to Government-imposed restrictions

The safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance to us, so despite the Government choosing to end restrictions - here at Annie’s we have decided to continue the following safety measures to ensure that we are Covid safe. Check them out below 👇

😷 Staff will be wearing face masks

🌡️ Temperature checks for all customers

👐 Hand sanitizer stations will remain

🧽 Touch points will be sanitized regularly

📲 Track and trace will be in place

📏Where possible we will maintain social distancing between tables.

We also invite you, the customer, to wear a mask as you have been, upon entering the restaurant and moving around, but removing the mask when seated. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our customers and staff safe.

Annie and the Annie’s Burger Shack team xx

•Please take a look at the infographic below for more info