Hi all, It’s Annie here!

I am so excited to invite you all to visit our ‘Original’ venue!

Being born and raised in Rhode Island in New England U.S.A, I grew up down the road from where the first ever diners started.

I moved to Nottingham in 1994 and started Annie’s Burger Shack in 2009; my love of Real Ale started here, in the midlands, and with the perfect combination of Real Slow Cask Ales and handcrafted traditional American burgers, the Burger Shack dining experience was born!

Our burgers reflect the traditional way they were made twenty years ago (and even further back!). We make them in the authentic American way; fresh and seasoned to the grill, combined with a modern and ethically inclusive twist.

We are not about fast food, we are for the experience… so enjoy your surroundings, enjoy your time in the historical Lace Market, and its beautiful architecture which, funnily enough, reminds me of home.