Introducing our NEW Annie’s BBQ Home Kit! FOR ONLY £39.99

To achieve your genuine bona fide American style barbeque, Annie has put together Annie’s Burger Shack Style Home Kits from our authentic restaurant recipes…and making em’ available to be delivered…directly…to you!

If you order, you’ll get the fresh kit’ put together personally for you to be delicious for your plates! And that’s just cool beans. AND don’t worry I’ve also made easy peasy’ quick mini videos to show you how do it all and have it all prepared, hot and ready to go in under an hour. - Watch here: Vegan, Veggie or Meaty

I also made sure to mention different methods to fit any Kitchen or BBQ big or small. With a yard or no yard.

WHEN? - Friday Weekend Pack Deliveries - FIRST ORDERS Delivered 12th August


Please do note that delivery is Free up to an 8 mile radius, any additional miles will be charged at £4 a mile.

HOW? To order online .. JUST CLICK HERE!

Fancy planning a BIGGER ONE?? We can also cater for Larger parties at a SUPER GREAT PRICEJust send in a form letting us know! HERE!

Your Pack Includes:

- 4 pack 6oz. Award Winning American style BBQ Hamburgers (100% beef) with included Annies BBQ spice pot

- 4 pack Annie’s Authentically American Sausage Recipe Patties

- 12 pack Classic US style Easy BBQ Chicken Wings


- 1 Tub Annie’s Low n Slow North Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork

- 1 Tub Our own New England Low & Slow Yankee Beef Brisket

- 1 Tub Annie’s Southern American Stubby’ Maple Pork & Beans

- 1 Tub Annie’s all American recipe Smokey Cheddar Mac & Cheese

- 1 Tub American Midwest German Style Cold Potato Salad


- 4 x Homemade Baked Southern Savoury Herby Biscuits ( 6 for upgrade)

- 1 Drum - Handmade delicious REAL Lemonade concentrated brew (Just add water and ice or super cold water for 2.5 Ltr Jug or cups - need to work out for flavour and size/price) Choose one of three flavours:

- Lemony Lemonade

- Blue Raspberry Lemonade

- Strawberry Lemonade.

WHY not treat yourself to some extras for your BBQ:

Sauces £1 -

Heinz Ketchup, Frenchs Mustard, Franks Hot Sauce, Garlic Mayonnaise, Ranch, Vegan Ranch, Stilton Blue Cheese, American Style BBQ, Chilli Garlic, Sriracha Chilli, Burger Sauce, Jack Daniels Mustard, Maple Syrup, Balsamic Dressing, Mayo, Vegan Mayo.


- BIG Pot of Nacho Cheese £4.90

- EXTRA 4 Homemade Baked Southern Herby Biscuits £4.90

- Greek salad (for 4) - Greek Feta cheese, whole pitted black olives, iceburg lettuce, tomato wedges, sweet picked red onion and crispy fried onions to top. £6.90

- 1/2 Dozen BBQ/Frank’s Buffalo Chicken Wings £4.90

Annie’s burger topping (for 4) £6 per pot

1 pot of Death Ray’s HOT Deathray chunky pepper onion chilli with Scotch Bonnet

1 pot of Thin Lizzy’s Guinness-soaked sautéed red onions and mushrooms in a homemade gravy.

1 pot of Caribbean Jerk sauce, onions, mixed peppers and pineapple ring.

1 pot of Fajita’s Tex Mex grilled sautéed onions and peppers.

1 pot of Louisiana Burgundy St’s sautéed red onions and mushrooms all expertly blended with butter, red wine and tarragon.

A Sweet Treat (for 2)

- Authentically American NY Cheesecake £6.90

- Gluten Free Brownie £6.90

All Allergens are listed here!

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