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Fyof Flyer A4

Feed Your Office Friday

Win breakfast for 100 people!

Friday 8th June
00:00 - 08:00


Nottingham, you are INCREDIBLE. What a week! A HUGE thank you to every single person who took part in our competition. 

#AnniesFYOF will be BACK! And everyone who entered is already in the hat, so keep an eye out for our next draw in July - You might just be getting a visit from us! x



As part of her Big Breakfast Week, Annie is proud to present “Feed Your Office Friday!”.

Win a delicious Annie’s takeout breakfast Meal Deal for yourself and up to NINETY NINE of your colleagues! Yes, that is 100 FREE Meal Deals, and we will even deliver them to your workplace!

To enter the competition, you and your workmates need to take an office selfie and then post on Social Media using the hashtags #AnniesFYOF and #BreakfastAtAnnies


1f449.png For a person to enter the competition, they must be in the selfie. So; number of people in the selfie = number of free Meal Deals to be received by the winning office.

1f449.png Your office must be in Nottingham.

1f449.png Entries will be accepted from 7am Monday 4th June, until 12 Midday on Thursday 7th June. We will then draw and announce the winner!

That’s it! Tag your colleagues below and we cannot wait to see your photos! Good luck everyone and happy Big Breakfast Week! x