What’s better than a normal Cocktail? 🤔

Erm… a 2 litre Cocktail from Annie’s of course!

Annie’s Stein cocktails are available right now!

1.4 litres. Four delicious flavours. The perfect way to cool down during the summer 🌞🍹⛱

Check em out here;

🍸 Gin the pink 🍸

Pink gin, Chambord, Lemonade and frozen raspberries

🍸 Long Island Stein Tea 🍸

Vodka, tequila, white rum, gin, still lemonade, lemon juice, Coke & lime slice

🍸 Mango and passionfruit rum punch 🍸

White rum, Malibu, mango & passionfruit, lemonade

🍸 The Don Father 🍸

Jack Daniels honey, Amaretto, Coke & lime wedges