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Want to find out more about Annie herself and how she got to where she is now? Carry on reading…

Annie had a an interview with James McAllister at Big Hospitality about how Annie brought the taste of New England to Nottingham and Derby. To read the full article click here

The Article starts off by talking about how Annie started with a cookie business in her own kitchen.. to asking if she could run the kitchen in the Old Angel pub and how everything has spiralled since there. From her best decision of “to have my own kitchen at the Old Angel pub, because everything happened from there.” to her worst business decision that lead her to learn about how she “Must love and be behind selling what I’m selling.”

Find out more about the Annies business and how important Annies team were and are to her in the success of Annies Burger Shack and how they’ve been a big influence on the business. “My business partner, Daniel. He is incredibly important to me. His knowledge and inclination for business has steered us (and still does) and it been a big part of our success.”

Learn how not only does she have influent in the business world, but also her personal life with her mother being a big influence in her life and how even though in her early 20s she left the US to explore the UK she still is very close with her family and visits them often.

Our favourite quote from the article is something Annie says she heard at a Women in Business award: “Whatever business you endeavour, be yourself. If you try to 100% copy somebody else, you will only ever be 80% as they are.”


Opening Times

Brunch 10:00am - 2:00pm

Burgers 11:00am - 10:00pm