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International Women’s Day 2021

A day like today reminds me that the education of IWD at the very least, should open minds even a little. Even just to put a little time aside today and have a bit of conversation about what it is and why it exists. Just a chat with family members, friends, particularly children.

Women across the world are achieving huge feats in areas once unopened to them because they are women. And that is brilliant. They have achieved huge amounts of freedom and inclusion because of it. Think about what society would be like today if we had always had equal division of labour and rights. All those missing inventions ingenuity and science that could have been discovered if women were given the chance over the centuries. Awareness and education is a strong tool.

It does not JUST happen. Implied gendered roles of ability of the sexes will always be a harder climb.
There are also sadly many more, millions of women going through horrendous conditions and lack of human rights just because they are women.

Take some time out to find out just one area where women are struggling or achieving in the world just because they are women.
Social Media today is mightier than the sword!
It can be used for good.

I wish education of social issues start right from early education. I’ve always had the firm belief that society always benefits much from altruism. Where people are included in society. Think to yourself how important it is for YOU to feel included. That’s a basic human condition. It should be a basic human right.

My ethos goes into my working life. That everyone, no matter who you are, should be able to sit together and eat together. (Pandemic safely of course for 2021)
Meaning that you can always make and do your own thing but never a person should be denied irregardless of what they look like. That to me is the crux of it all. Diversity is the only way to go. The opposite of love is not hate. It’s fear. The less people are afraid of each other the better human beings we become.

Have a burger with me! Have a burger with everyone!

Annie xx

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