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Here at Annie’s we are incredibly proud of our burger menu, 32 unique and original recipes inspired by Annie’s Rhode Island background. However, we are also really excited about our amazing breakfast menu that showcases recipes from the four corners of the United States of America. However, we know that not everyone loves getting out of bed before 10.30am in order to make it down to sample what we have on offer on our breakfast menu.

That’s why we decided to hold our first ever country brunch Jamboree with Nottingham’s favourite independent businesses having stalls, music from the Allen Family Band - several generations of musicians playing Bluegrass, country and old-time mountain music, food demonstrations, coffee by the experts at 200 degrees, brunch cocktails: bringing a big dose of Americana to Broadway!

In addition to all of this we also offered breakfast for the first time ever throughout the event from 8am in the morning until 4pm in the afternoon. We’d never done it before but we really wanted to make sure that as many people as possible got a chance to try our breakfasts and get a great experience at the same time. Because it was the first time we’d done it there were a few teething problems and we underestimated just how many people would want to be here with us – this meant that at times the kitchen was so overwhelmed that the wait for food went up to an hour… we know this will have disappointed some people but we really worked hard to ensure that this didn’t affect anyone’s experience and that the quality of food we presented was as you would expect from Annie’s.

Overall the day went brilliantly and we are so grateful to everyone who could join for the first ever Annie’s country brunch and Bluegrass festival!