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Happy World Vegan Day everyone!

World Vegan Day is so important to me, as Vegan food is such an important part of the restaurant and where we are today! To celebrate this wonderful day, I’ve decided to put together this blog explaining why I LOVE Vegan food and why I’ve always included Vegan food as part of Annie’s Burger Shack!

When I started Annie’s Burger Shack back in 2009, it was a very different time for Vegan options outside in the restaurant /cafes world apart from cooking at home. And if you went to establishments not used to hearing about the word; to ask for anything ‘Vegan’, it was like a gamble.

Not only that, it felt like there was a sense of disdain for asking for your meal to made Vegan. And even worse, to question in your mind if that might have caused the disgruntled chef who might have sabotaged your food. So it was a ‘lay on the line’ risk anytime going out with friends. It was just easier to eat and cook yourself before heading out as to not rustle any feathers. Or even within your group of friends as to not cause a fuss. There was always chips and lettuce of some kind.

I grew up with my Dad as a Vegetarian and even he used to get that strange type of alienation (that look’ of raised eyebrows and looking away) long before I started the Shack. When I created the Annie’s Burger Shack with every option to be made Vegan and Vegetarian, I even had strange negative reactions from Vegetarians about offering it as a Vegan option! It just had not hit the ‘normal’ way of eating and ordering food. And for that, I vowed to never use the word ‘normal’ when referring to how somebody eats. And in our restaurant all the way up to today, we do not use the word ‘normal’. What’s ‘normal?!

One of my favourite moments in our business is when somebody brings friends or relatives who are Vegan, and are told that EVERYTHING on our menu…. YESEVERYTHING can be made Vegan, lights up the eyes and mouths agape with excitement. Even better that there is no ‘special’ menu.. No few options put on the side so you feel excluded… EVERYTHING available and you are included! And it is priceless.

Which comes to my final reason. On why we do what we do. And why we serve the food we do. And why we respect the food that we make and how it is made. People need to be made aware that Veganism is not negative at all. And people need to feel like they are included. And we try to do more than anybody we know. We all eat. And we love that people can come in and eat how they want, and never EVER get a raised eyebrow or disdain from any of our staff and chefs here.

You may find that a lot of us here at Annie’s ARE Vegan and will be happy to give you some great choices! Happy World Vegan Day everyone!

It’s still my favourite way of cooking after all these years!

Thank you and take care!

Annie xox