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Annie’s Burger Shack has grown over the years to the vibrant and welcoming business it is today and sometimes it takes us a bit of time to catch up with ourselves. We spend so much time dreaming up yummy new burger ideas and creating fabulous events for you to enjoy that often the basics get left behind. Our website was one of those things…

Whilst immensely proud of our brand and the way we have built the business we have focused more on engaging with you – our lovely fans- that we have on the website and we knew it was time that that changed!!

Creating a new website is no easy task and it’s important to us that the one we create really represents who we are and what we stand for as a brand. It took us almost a year to find the company we wanted to work with, finally selecting a local business much like ours based, based in West Bridgford Nottingham.

Then came the fun bits: Drafting out our ultimate wish list for the website and what we wanted it to be able to do, from the eminently practical to the totally wacky; deciding which creative direction we wanted to go and how to make it look super awesome; and generally making sure it summed up everything Annie’s!

After that it was over to the web developers to do the coding and programming and other words we didn’t really understand but that sounded mysterious and kind of exciting… and that took us to today when we are busy inputting the last bits of data before we go live!