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Happy St Patrick’s day everyone!!☘️

This March we are celebrating St Patrick’s day in style with not only a special burger but also special drinks.

We wanted to do something a little special this month, and not just create a special burger to celebrate but also a cocktail and a milkshake so everyone can celebrate together in style. Whether your Vegan, Veggie or Meaty.

Annie began the development of the Irish Slainte burger by talking to her sister in law who is Irish. They began talking about nostalgia and tradition and the different elements of food in their childhoods they grew up with. Annie’s sister in law began to talk about the Irish boxty, corned beef, greens. As a lot of Irish people emigrated to America, and New York especially it meant that they brought a few of their different recipes across to America that they then adapted due to the way different cultures cooked. This is where Annie began reminisce around some of the dishes she was brought up eating in Boston. Lots of these being similar flavours and food to her Irish sister in law… and this is what developed into the Irish Slainte burger special!

Although we normally add a comedic side to our specials I wanted to make this burger more traditional and utilise simple flavours and put them together to creates something DELICOUS ” - Annie

Firstly on top of our burger you have Irish American style corned beef that has been specially made from our local butcher. Chris is a specialist butcher who we have worked with for well over a decade, and he used his expertise to corn the brisket for 7 days to create our beautiful Irish American brisket. Chris then provided us with the same spices to pickle our Veggie and Vegan Brisket.

This is then topped with a Irish boxty which is created made with potatoes which was a staple food in most Irish households. The Boxy has been around since the 16th century so had to be a key staple in this burger.

You then have the layer of spring greens, wild garlic and bacon lardons. This is a simple take on the popularity due to the it being the cheapest vegetables available. But cabbage with corned beef is a wonderful combination of flavours. By adding the bacon and wild garlic it adds more flavour to the greens.

The burger is then topped with a beautiful white pudding. And we’ve not got any white pudding we’ve shipped in champion white pudding from Ireland for that authentic taste.

By having all of these different simple flavours together they make an amazing burger!” - Annie

Below you can see our beautiful burger topped with a lovely Irish Flag! ☘️Annie recommends you take the flag out, place the bun on top of the burger and swish it down. Then take your knife and cut it in half, and take a bite of the middle to make sure you get a taste of everything 😍 you wont regret it!

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Our special Cocktail is made by our own cocktail specialist Liam. Liam started by remembering the different drinks he used to drink and drinks when in Ireland. Then decided to experiment with how he could incorporate the iconic Guinness drink into a cocktail. Liam then decided to make his own homemade sugar syrup and started to experiment with creating a Guinness syrup which started to form the base of the Drunken Leprechaun. By then playing around with whiskey and lemon juice he made the perfect sour 😍🍸

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At Annies we LOVE milkshakes, so we had to create a new one for this months special… So we’ve got a beautiful Shamrock Shake which is a beautiful green mint chocolate with a shamrock in chocolate on the top 😍☘️

A green milkshake called the Shamrock shake for £3.90. Next to a brown cocktail called the Drunken Leprechaun which includes whiskey, Guinness syrup, lemon juice and sugar syrup.