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Wow! We could get used to this! What another INCREDIBLE NIGHT!

On Tuesday 23rd November we hosted ‘An Evening of Comedy with Reginald D. Hunter and Guests’, and just like our Jason Manford event, this was such an amazing night!

Check out this blog to read how this event came about, how it went on the night and more!

So why did we host this?

The reason for hosting our first comedy event, was that we wanted to give back to the people of Derby. It was such a successful night and we had so many lovely comments saying how people now felt more confident in returning back to the high street, which is a great outcome from our event
It’s been an incredibly tough time during the past 18 months for both companies and communities But because of all your support during the pandemic we are still continuing to thrive. This is why we will forever be grateful to our amazing Annie’s fans and want to give back to each and every one of you.

How did the setting up go?

Much like the last comedy night, setting up was a massive logistical challenge however, this time, we had the knowledge of what went well with the last event and what we could’ve improved upon. Its sometimes easy to forget that we are an independent business and despite being known for putting on some awesome events in the past, the Jason Manford event was like nothing we’d done in the past.

Similar to the Jason Manford event, we completely changed the way the restaurant looked. All the tables were removed so we could fit as many chairs as possible in the restaurant facing towards the stage area. We also kept the outside area similar to how we had it last time, this time though with a industrial sized heater to try and keep people as warm as possible (it was very very cold that night!)

We are going to be bias here, but we thought it looked amazing! The Derby team absolutely smashed it! They worked flat out ALL DAY in the build up to this event. Without them, the Restaurant wouldn’t have looked half as good as it did. Amazing job guys!!

In terms of the menu, we continued where we left off and brought back the snack bar offering a reduced, refined menu, with a few of your favourite burgers such as the North Carolina as well as hot snacks including; loaded Nachos, Corn Dogs, Curly fries and the ever so popular ‘Dough Boy’. We also of course had our bar open, with a wide selection of drinks which could be pre ordered so you didn’t even have to wait at the bar!

How did the night go?

It went absolutely incredibly. There’s nothing better than seeing a full restaurant of happy faces. There was laughter, smiles and an absolutely electric atmosphere the way way through. It was a extremely frantic time, but busy is never a bad thing! And how funny were the comedians?! A big thank you to our host Lou Conran, our support acts Scott Bennett and Simon Wozniak and of course the main man himself Reginald D. Hunter!

So, what’s next?

Well, we’ve done two now! We feel we have found our feet in the comedy scene and would love to do more! We can’t get enough of seeing hundreds of laughing faces and we feel privileged that we can provide an amazing venue to host these comedy shows.

So, who would YOU like to see next? Let us know! Dm us, drop us an email, call us! We want to hear YOUR suggestions!