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We know we’ve been really quiet on here recently, but we’ve not disappeared! Quite the opposite in fact.

Since we last wrote we have…*deep breath*…

  • Created an astounding 8 new special burgers and brought back the super popular Cannonball burger!
  • Bought a stunning 1949 Cadillac (she’s called Gertie!) and driven all over Derbyshire, meeting some fabulous people including lots of Mayors, a 7ft high Mr Potato Head AND the British and World Muttonchops Champion!
  • Become the latest sponsor of the fantastic Nottingham Panthers!
  • Had 2 Feed Your Office Friday’s where we’ve given away HUNDREDS of FREE CHEESEBURGERS! We still have one more planned with a Black Friday twist!
  • Annie also appeared on stage at the Nottingham Playhouse with local improv legends MissImp last month to celebrate their 20th birthday!

AND as if that wasn’t enough we’re about to open another Burger Shack! Yes, that’s right, for those of you who hadn’t heard we are really excited to be opening in Derby on 1 December!

We’ll be bringing our authentically American burgers to Derby, and just like in Nottingham ALL burgers can be served Vegan, Veggie or Meaty. Yes, Every. Single. One! We can’t wait to see you at our new place on Friary Street, Derby, DE1 1JF!!